Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Creating a Key Pair to share between AWS EC2 Instances

By Semir H.

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Sign into Amazon Web Services Console. Go to the Amazon EC2 tab.
Pick your desired Region as this is where the key will be stored.
Locate the “Key Pairs” link under Networking & Security section and click on it.
Click on “Create Key Pair” button on the top to start the process.
Give the Key Pair a name. E.g. APAC-Keys-2011. Click on “Create”.

The Key Pair will be created and you will be prompted to save the private portion (a .pem file) on your computer/device. Please do so and make sure you keep it private,

You can now use this Key Pair for your new Instances. Please pick the “Choose from your existing Key Pairs” at the “Key Pairs” option when creating an Instance and select your pre-made Key Pair. Example below:

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